Short Stories

I love what young children have to say, and I enjoy it most when other parents share their young ones' wisdom! I've started a collection of short stories inspired by the exclamations of youth!

A Demon Born is a prequel novella to the novel, Circles. It is the story of Solus's end - and then his beginning. This Wattpad version is the original draft to the novella, and if you have read the published version, you will see the evolution of the writing process.  Thanks to critiques and suggestions from readers of this version, I was able to transform a simple story into one that had a little more depth and emotion. I intend to leave this version up for readers to enjoy the comparison. Just click on the image to read the beginning...

*A Demon Born Updates:
I am currently working on a prequel to Circles that follows Solus's journey to becoming a demon. You may find the chapters on Wattpad, and new chapters are posted every Saturday. Below are the links to each individual chapter. Enjoy!

3/8/14 Chapter 8 is the final chapter of this story, but it is not the end of this project. After a little breather, this story will undergo another round of editing and be formally published as an ebook novella. Please help me make it better by leaving me comments about what you think about the story! ^_^

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